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Two to go! The knee socks are done!


46:365 Socks Done!

Just in time for a 90 degree day…woo! Ok time to get ready for work. Tonight I start to tackle the Bog Jacket (again).


As of this morning I am officially done with the colorwork on the Corrie Vest!!!!


I’m so excited! But also a little nervous because this means I have cut the steeks this weekend. EEEK!

In the meantime I’m starting a simple stockinette pair of knee highs with some yummy Zauberball from  Schoppel Wolle colorway Charisma. It’s super relaxing and easy after the vest. I’m using Streets and YOs’ basic knee high toe-up sock pattern. It’s straightforard and the yarn is gorgeous! Plus they’re perfect for our camping trip that’s coming up.

So tonight I’m just going to kick back, relax and work on my socks. I will worry about the steeks tomorrow or maybe Saturday.

No this will having nothing to do with politics, religion or, frankly, anything controversial. It just has to do with US. I was going to write about the man I met last night at the nutritionist who was fascinated by my knitting and didn’t stop asking me questions but then I got a call this morning that made me change my mind.

While we were at MDSW I was on the lookout for a really nice, yet inexpensive, ceramic jug so I can make my own iced tea. I finally found on at the Spinners Hill booth. It’s about a quart/quart and a half, tan with a little blue sheep stenciled on the front. It reminds me of those old stoneware jugs that are now worth a pretty penny. Anyway, I was pretty loaded up with bags and purchases AND it was about 400 degrees (ok maybe it was only 95) so I asked the lady if she could hold it for me untill Sunday so I wouldn’t have to schlep it around. On our way out on Sunday I picked it up. They had wrapped it up nicely and put it in a box so it wouldn’t break which made me very happy and we dripped over to the car and headed home.

When I got back to my apartment I quickly put everything way so Carl wouldn’t get mad about the added clutter and I found that they left another piece of pottery in the box when they packed my piece in. I was so upset. It wasn’t right for me to have this piece and it needed to go back. I called the company and left them a voicemail explaining everything. This morning I got a call back. The lady told me to bring it with my to Rhinebeck and I can return it then. Mom will  have to do this since I will be on my honeymoon regardless it will get back to them and now I feel much better.

The funny thing about my conversation with the lady from Spinners Hill was that she kept thanking me for being so honest. And that struck me as kind of odd. Shouldn’t people just BE honest? It’s not something we should be thanked for because it’s something basic we should all do. Are people so dishonest these days that we’re genuinely shocked when a person does the right thing? If this is the case I think we are in a very sad place as a culture. I think we should change that! Now, I know this little post on an obscure knitting blog isn’t going to change the world but maybe if we all do one nice thing a day for someone (or just for the cosmos) maybe we can make our immediate environment for the better (at least). What do you think?

I don’t want to spend too much time on this post today since I’m starting my first increase round on the Corrie Vest and I want to complete it as well as move on to the 3rd chart (which is the only one I haven’t worked yet!) But I’m trying to get back into the swing of things here in blogland so here I am.

Last night Carl and I had our first golf lesson at the driving range at Randall’s Island and I learned a few things.

  1. Everything I’ve been doing since I was little girl joining my Dad at the driving range is wrong.
  2. I learned how to correct all those things
  3. I do not understand golf pop culture references other than Tiger Woods. Our instructor kept saying things like “Made famous by the great golfing author and player blah blah blah…” Totally didn’t get it.
  4. I’m better than the other girl in the class as well as 2 of the boys (GO ME!)
  5. Don’t let the old men fool you, hitting balls can actually make you sore! (Who Knew?)

So I spent the day hobbling around on my sore legs. I keep trying to stretch out my back since it feels really tight. I think it’s time for me to take some yoga or something so I can stretch out all these kinks. Do they have yoga for golfers?

Work is a bit crazy again but thankfully it’s only for the next week or so. I’m tired but I have to knit on!! Enjoy your evening!

And for your viewing pleasure, some shots from MDSW 2010!

At least she's modest



Mommy Can I Take Him Home?




Why can’t every day be a fiber festival day?

I don’t know what happened to make me such a bad blogger but I apologize for leaving you all. I can’t even blame work because my time is much more managable now that tax time is over. Whatever the reason I lost the desire to blog. Have no fear though! I never lost the desire to knit.

Since we last spent some time together I went on a little Zimmerman/Swanson kick. I now own the following School House Press videos (because I’m a freak):

  1. Kntting Glossary
  2. Knitting Around
  3. Knitter Workshop
  4. Knitting the Shawl Collar Vest
  5. Knitting: Cardigan Details
  6. Knitting: A Swedish Dubbelmossa & Scarf
  7. Knitting: A Saddle Sleave Jacket
  8. A Spiral Yoke
  9. Knitting: A Fair Isle Vest
  10. Knitting the Round the Bend Jacket/Puzzle Pillow Blanket
  11. Knitting Lace w/ Meg Swanson
  12. Kntting: The Baby Surprise Jacket

And sadly there are a few more in my queue at Amazon for when I have money again.

Yes, I did watch all of these (some again) over the last few weeks and it was lovely. I learned that I’ve been wrapping stitchs the wrong way FOREVER which explains why my knitting looks like crap whenever I have to pick up a wrap stitch. I also learned that steeks aren’t as scary as I thought so I am re-writing Carl’s sweater so I can keep knitting in the round and just steek it when I’m done! And of course I am now in LOVE with the idea of knitting with real wool all the time.

Needless to say, after nearly a month long Zimmerman/Swanson Marathon I fell off the wagon…I’m sorry. I’m a very bad knitter but I couldn’t help myself.

First, I cast-on for the Corrie Fair Isle Vest because I just couldn’t stop myself and frankly the happy shawl was boring me again.  I’m even further than pictured but since this is all I have on hand it will work for the time being.

Corrie fair isle vest

I LOVE color pattern knitting. Especially Fair Isle. I don’t know why this kit sat for as long as it did but I’m really happy to be working on it. Every day I get maybe 3-10 rows done (more on the weekends). It’s so exciting to see how the pattern developes and changes. It really is addictive. I go to bed at night thinking about the pattern. The very practical thing about this little knit is that I get to practice steeks before I do them on Carl’s sweater (which is nearly at the underarms which means it’s about time to insert my steeks!). So in some ways I needed to cast on this project as a practice piece.

Secondly, I went to Maryland Sheep and Wool this past weekend and I bought things…lots of things…such as:

  • 20 skeins of worsted weight 100% merino to make one Bog Jacket and one other sweater
  • 1 Fair Isle Sweater Kit for Bressay Cardigan by Ron Schweitzer
  • 1 Ceramic Sheep Jug
  • 2 Skeins of sock yarn (to make knee highs while we camp over Memorial Day weekend)
  • 1 felted bootie kit with soles
  • 1 jar of maple sugar (because it’s sugar I CAN eat!!!)
  • 12 bars of handmade soap from Got Soap because they rock!

So now I’m broke and my house is filled with wool again BUT I’m happy and itching to knit some more! I really want to finish this vest so I can start Bressay or the Bog Jacket…probably the Bog Jacket since it will be quick…or maybe…

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Now I have to get my butt back on the wagon so I can work through this ever growing stash!

I’m going to Maryland Sheep and Wool! Mom and I booked our room this evening and I’m pretty psyched!! I’ve never been to this festival. In fact I’ve only been to Rhinebeck. I need to come up with a game plan though. I can’t really buy yarn but I know I’m going to slip up so I need to start a little MDSW fund so I have a budget to stick to. Hopefully I won’t fall off the wagon like an alcoholic and October Fest.

I finished 9 repeats on my Emily Capelet and I probably have around 5-6 more before I can call this little knit done! I’m really digging this project. It’s fast, pretty and fun. Plus it’s been a great stash buster and I can use more stash buster projects. I especially need something for all these bits of left over yarn I have lying around the house. I keep thinking about knitting little squares and just seaming them together into a rag throw but that’s probably a pipe dream. Any good suggests for using up bits of left over yarn of different weights?

I’m nearly finished with The Outlander and I really don’t want it to end. I have about an hour left to listen to which means I will end up riding the bus in tears some day this week, I can feel it. I really love Claire and Jamie. They’re such a perfect match for each other. Frankly, I think her husband in the real world is a bit of twurp. Claire should have a man’s man. Luckily, the next book in the series is already loaded and ready on my ipod so I won’t be without them for long.

Today was a bit rough. The pollen count is ridiculous so I’ve been in a haze all day. Zyrtec didn’t even work. I’m tired and woren out and just want to sleep. Unfortunately, I’m too young (or old?) to go to sleep at 8:30pm so I’m going to knit for a bit and maybe I’ll just pass out on the couch.

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