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I believe I am getting sick though I’m praying this is all just allergies. Until I wake up with a fever or something else that is strictly cold related I’m going to lean towards the allergy theory. I’m still exhausted and my throat, glands, ear and sinuses hurt. Needless to say I’m not really up for anything exciting so I’m just sitting here listening to The Art of Fair Isle Knitting by Ann Feitelson. So far it’s fascinating. It’s wonderful to curl up on the couch with my knitting and learn about this technique I now love so much.

Of course it would be more appropriate if I was working on another fair isle garment but instead I’m plugging away on my Bog Jacket.


I love these colors together!

It’s nice to relax a little and work on something so simple. But soon this will become a bit more complicated. Till then I’m going to sit back and enjoy the vegging.


At about 11:30 this morning the worst nausea I’ve experienced in a long time hit me like a ton of bricks. Luckily I had just finished the big project for the day and was about to start on the next project. I left work so I could vomit in peace at home. I’m feeling a bit better now and even managed some soup. I don’t know what that was but it was awful.

I’ve been watching (or listening to) The Vicar of Dibley most the afternoon. And I slowly managed to finish the baby hat for my colleague. I definitely needs to be washed but it’s done and it’s cute.


It’s really cute and I can’t wait till the whole set is done and I can give this to the mommy. I still want to make her a little pinwheel blanket with some pink chenille I have in the stash but I need to dig it out. To that though, I need Carl’s help. He placed a couple boxes of books on top of my yarn box and I can’t lift them.

Well I’m going to lay back down and wait for Carl to get home with my saltines and ginger ale. Yum!

And I was right. It depends on when you listen to me.

365:17 The Choice Is Made

The yarn has spoken, I will be doing the ribbing in the lighter color. I really thought I’d have enough of the original color but I didn’t. However, after blocking the shrug last night I’m starting think it’s way too long. I did the smallest size and they say to knit a 48inch rectangle. Mine’s 49 because the yarn has a little bit more stretch than I knew. An inch is probably not a huge deal since I can just make each sleeve about half an inch longer.  But is this too long? I guess have to hope the ribbing will pull the main body section in enough to make this thing fit. It’s funny how as a beginning knitter I had a better sense of how much yarn I would need.

I hope to be able to seam the sleeves tonight and start the ribbing. Maybe I can finish this shrug tomorrow. That would be FO #4!

I still have the sore throat and the fogginess but I’m not “sick”. Carl keeps telling me to take a sick day so I can just rest but there’s too much to do at the office right now to take a sick day because I feel crummy. I need to push past crummy to dying and hopefully that won’t happen. Sorry for the another short post but my head is too fogggy this morning for thinking and I need to save my thinking for work.

Happy Hump Day!

I’m still conflicted about the whole pre-order thing from yesterday and I need to think of some rules for this and for things like gifts but I will get back to that in a few days. Plus that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about finally finishing a project! Last night at about 7:30pm I finished knitting Granpa’s vest!!! I have to find toggles this weekend and then it will be done done but all the knitting is done and that’s what counts.

It’s been a while since I officially finished a knitting project. I forgot what it felt like to have nothing on the needles. To hold up a project to show the fiance who’s only mildly excited whereas I’m giddy like a 12-year-old. It feels good. Plus I should be get a little RavOlympic Medal for this!!! Go Me!! I will post pictures of the vest once I have the toggles on and maybe I’ll be able to get one of Gramps in the vest (most shocking)!

I’m moving on to the Lotus Blossom Shawl which I have only 12 rows to finish and then I’m done. I plan on working 2-3 rows a day so I can finish this before the end of the Olympics and maybe get another RavOlympic medal. I have to be careful to not knit too much and to take breaks because I don’t want my cubital tunnel syndrome to come back. That sucked. I couldn’t knit for months and I had to wear this stupid arm brace when I slept. We called it the bionic arm. I refuse to get that bad again.

I’m not feeling 100% this morning and that worries me. A co-worker was home with a fever on Monday and Tuesday and then my fiance said he didn’t feel well yesterday and now I’m stuffy and drippy and my eye won’t stop watering. I’m going to make like it’s just allergies till I can’t deny it anymore. Lot’s of vitamin c and I’ll beat this thing!!

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