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I think I’m about 3 stashes behind so here we go…

First up is this lovely fingering weight llama yarn I purchased in…can you guess?…Argentina.

We were roaming around San Telmo which is one of the oldest parts of Buenos Aires. It’s also the antique shopping center of the city. There were GORGEOUS things everywhere. I bought tons of old buttons, ribbon and lace from one shop and then we just strolled around till we found a giant antique mall off one of the side streets. We spent a few hours looking at things and talking to shop owners and then we turned a corner and there was this tiny stall selling yarn. Now this was our last day of vacation so you can imagine how much new yarn I already purchased before this. I tried to be good. We decided to stop in and buy some lovely wool and silk yarn for Carl’s aunt who lent us her apartment for the 2 weeks we were in BA. She’s a knitter so yarn was the perfect gift. While Carl worked out the details of the sale I just fell in love with this tiny skein of llama yarn. I figured one little skein wouldn’t hurt, plus I can make fingerless and who doesn’t love fingerless gloves?

Next up…some lovely lace weight from Rhinebeck.

This yarn came as part of kit to make the River Run Shawl from a company called Just Our Yarn. I loved the pattern and the colors. But what I loved more was the challenge. This is a beaded lace pattern and I’ve never done this. The fact that I still haven’t cast-on shocks me. Normally, I would have cast-on when we got back to the room. I guess I do have will power sometimes. I think one of the best things about this purchase was that I thought it was about $30 more than I actually paid so when we got back to the room and I went through my receipts I was super excited because I actually had a little bit more in the budget to spend the next day. (I really am bad).

And finally…

Beautiful Queensland Haze which is actually made with CORN! I bought this maybe a year ago at a little shop in Cornwall, NY cleverly named Cornwall Yarn Shop. I bought this yarn to make a little cardigan from Queensland Collection Book 10.

Click to see source

My mom and I went to Cornwall on a whim. We’d been to all the yarn shops in our neighborhood and I think it was a Sunday so we were also limited since most shops are closed. I went online and searched for yarn shops within a comfortable distance and this is what we found. It was a great shop with some really interesting yarns that I’d never seen before like this corn yarn. They also had some sugar cane yarn which has a wonderful hand. The more I think about it we really need to go back there. Maybe this summer.

Geez…that was a lot of flashing…now for my FO.

Joyella is done and it’s not terribly awful. Ok it’s way too big under the arms and in the shoulders but it looks ok. I think I can keep this sweater for myself and when I am preggers I think this will be my go-to sweater for the first few months. But that’s a long time coming so I’ve got to keep this sweater in good shape. I”m sure it will be a pilly mess by then.

I’m waiting for Carl to get home from work so he can take a picture of me in it. I tried to take one of myself this morning and it was bad…very bad. I promise to update this post later today, cross my heart.

So what do I work on next? I sort of want to cast on for that little pink cardigan but I don’t think I should. I guess I should dive into the WIP container and see what I have. Maybe I can finish something small and then  I can start the cardigan. Before I do that I think I need to finish plying the targhee before Carl turns my wheel into kindling. The deal is that I can have my wheel but I have to put it away at the end of the day. The only problem with that is when I’m plying. I can’t put it away when I’m in the middle like I can when I’m just spinning. He’s been very understanding but I think I”m starting to push it. I guess I must ply and then knit.


Giant Hexagon Sweater

It is huge and it makes me look heavier than I am but it’s comfortable and not completely hideous.

I finished spinning the targhee last night and it felt greaqt to finally be finished. I took the yarn off the bobbin and as I was winding it on the niddy noddy I noticed it was a tad bit overspun. But I didn’t think it was that bad. Then I took it off the niddy noddy…

Holy Moly

I guess it’s a bit more overspun than I thought…I washed it hoping that would magically fix the problem but I knew it wouldn’t. Once it dries I will wind it into a center pull ball and ply it with its self I guess. That’s the last thing I can think of to remedy the situation. Do you have any other suggestions? What a mess huh?

I never claimed to be a good spinner but I thought I was better than this. It’s painfully obvious that I need to stick with my Monday night spin nights so I can actually get better. My goal is to be able to spin the two pounds of alpaca my brother bought me a couple christmas’ ago into a nice, even, balanced yarn that I can knit into a wonderful sweater. Maybe even a sweater for him. After last night’s mess I guess I need to practice a little more.

Many many many months ago I spun this lovely black, blue, pink and green superwash merino roving and it was the first time I spun a fine-ish yarn that was almost completely consistant. I was really happy about it and I started to plan projects while I was spinning it. Then it sat on the bobbin staring at me from our bookshelf. This morning I decided enough was enough and I took the yarn off the bobbin and it felt goooood.

When I got home I tied up my new skein of handspun and it’s now soaking in some hot water to set the twist, if there’s any twist left after all those months sitting on the bobbin. I snapped this shot before dunking it in the sink:

Ok it’s not a completed WIP but it is the completion of something that’s been sitting on the shelf (literally) for months. It still feels good. Now do I finish spinning the targhee from yesterday or do I work on the baby sweater? I’m thinking baby sweater. It was so nice spinning and listening to The Outlander yesterday and with Carl here I can’t really do that. I think I’ll pack the wheel up and finish the targhee on Monday. We really need a bigger place so I can have a little craft den (are you reading this honey? Bigger place :)).

The new knitty is up and I’m in love with some of the patterns already.

I want to make the Summit Shawl because it’s awesome! And I think I have yarn in the stash that will work. Woo Woo!

I’m also in love with Gams. I know I should probably think knitted shorts are weird but I don’t. I want to knit a numch so I always have a pair in which I can lounge around the house. I’d make Carl some if they weren’t 1960-short. OOOO You could knit a matching cami and have a pj set! You could wear them at the pool or at the beach…ah…in love. Sometimes patterns just call to you don’t they?!!

I also love the Tribute Socks, the Que Sera sweater and the Duck booties are just adorable! I guess there will be a few additions to the queue this week.

I can hear you all saying, what about Spinning Monday? Well I decide to go back to my original plan of making Monday night my spinning night. Tonight I am going to continue spinning the beautiful targhee I’ve been working on for an embarrassingly long time. Isn’t it pretty?

Lovely Roving...

Even Lovelier Yarn!!

Now I’m going to shit up (still makes me laugh), get changed and get to work!

UPDATE: 5 little balls of roving left to spin!!

Five Little Targhees All In A Row

I thought tonight would a good night to start my “weekly spinning night” but I was so wrong. I’m exhausted and I didn’t even work that much today. I feel like I was at the office for 12 hours. I’m not sure if it’s because we lost an hour or the weather or just because it’s my busy time of the year but I just want to go to bed. Unfortunately, its frowned upon for 26 year olds to go sleep at 7pm…no matter how much they want to. So I’m going to veg out on the couch and try to finish my first sleeve. Maybe Sunday would be a better spinning night.

The Pile

I’m really happy that Joyella is nearly done but I keep looking at the pile of hexagons and panicking. They’re a little intimidating. I’m not big on the seaming and I usually convert my patterns so I can avoid the needle and thread. This time it’s unavoidable. I’m nervous that I’m going to procrastinate too much and never seam this sweater. What if I never seam them? What if I do and it looks like crap? Can I really sew this thing together and do it well? Knitting is easy but seaming? Well that’s another story. I’d ask my friend to finish this for me but I feel like that would be cheating. She’s helped me before with set in sleeves and things like that but for what seems to be pretty straight forward seaming would be cheating wouldn’t it? I guess I just have to suck it up.

I had to work for a few hours yesterday so I didn’t have enough time to finish the first sleeve. But I made a lot of progress once I was done with work. While I worked on my work and knit I listened to The Outlander. I know a lot of knitters are reading thisat the moment and I have to say it’s really good! I signed into my audible account yesterday and saw that I had 6 credits so I “bought” a bunch of books including the first three books in the Outlander series. Davina Porter does an amazing job reading the story and acting out the characters. If you need something to listen to while you knit or spin (I also listen while I’m work sometimes…shhh) you should get it. The audiobooks are a little pricey but I swear it’s totally worth the price. If you don’t do audiobooks you can click on the link on the side bar and it will take you straight to amazon so you can buy the book. If you like romance, history and time travel this is a book for you.

Now I must find some dinner…

Yes I have a "Princess" mug, Carl has a "Prince" mug but I bought it before I met him...shh don't tell him

We’re heading out to CT tonight to see my dad and to have dinner at our reception place so we can taste the menu. We’ve tried twice before to do a tasting and failed. The first time it snowed so bad in CT that dad had to cancel. The second time it snowed again and the town where we’re having reception was covered in ice so the restaurant closed early and they had to cancel on us. Today it’s supposed to rain heavily and there might be flooding in areas. We’re hoping none of this keeps us from being able to taste the menu!! My mom and I are hoping that we’re getting all the bad weather out-of-the-way before the wedding. But if it rains on my big day then so be it. I’m already planning on getting myself a pair of wedding wellies just in case there’s rain or mud.

I started the 9th and final full hexagon last night and I hope to finish it up this morning on our drive. After that I only have two half hexagons and two sleeves to knit. I was hoping to finish the half hexagons tomorrow but my boss asked if I could do some work this weekend since we’re all swamped (yay tax time!) so I have work to do tomorrow but I can do it all from home so it’s not that bad. Plus I get overtime pay and I can totally use the extra cash (really who doesn’t need extra cash?). I”m going to try to finish the two halves tonight. I should be able to finish them as long as dad’s dog, Brinks, doesn’t demand too much of my time. I have a secret weapon though! I bring him these all natural organic cow parts that he goes gaga over. They’re gross and carrying them home on the bus is just plain weird but the dogs go nuts for them and they’re good for them too. So this time I’m bring him a cow scapula and a knee cap. So gross but I promise you the puppies LOVE them. Over Christmas I brought him an achilles tendon and he stopped playing with all of us and just chewed on his treat. I’ve never seen him so calm and happy. It’s so worth the gross out factor.

I finished watching Sit and Spin last night and I L-O-V-E-D it! Jacey is a great teacher and I’m totally inspired to spin more. I have some roving hidden under my desk at work that I’m going to bring back here on Monday so I can practice my thick and thin. Once I’ve mastered that I want to try coils! I’m thinking of making one night a week my spinning night. I don’t spin enough for my liking and I need to give myself the time to practice and get better. I’m thinking it might be a good Monday night activity. Monday’s are usually awful and tiring. It would be nice to come home and relax to the rhythmic motion and sound of spinning. What do you think?

This week I’m sharing another GORGEOUS yarn from Milana Hilados in Buenos Aires.

It’s a very hard yarn to photograph properly. It’s a gorgeous thick and thin yarn with these tiny flower like things sprinkled throughout and I just had to have it. I don’t know why the two yarns I purchased at this shop were both shades of purple but I guess that’s the mood I was in that day. I’m sure someone can tell me what that says about my mood that day but I know that I was VERY happy. Perhaps purple is the color of a yarn high.

I bought just one little ball of this yarn thinking I could make a little purse. But before I can cast-on I need to find the perfect handles. I’m on a hunt and one day I will find something that suits this yarn. I’m thinking of a really simple rectangle just stitched up the sides. I believe a simple “pattern” will really showcase the yarn but you really need see it in person to truly appreciate its true beauty.

To seemingly make up for last night Carl left work at 5 today and drove up to a friend’s place in the Bronx to hang out tonight. I was invited but I decided it was better for me to hang out in the apartment alone. So I plan on watching my Sit and Spin video while I work on my 8th hexagon (and maybe even my 9th?!) while I get a feel of what the video is about. Maybe I will even dig out the wheel and try some of the techniques. I’ve got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good good night…(try to get that song out of your head).

Yesterday, the Spring issue of Wild Fibers arrived. I cracked it open and found that they have an article about Nilda Callanaupa Alvarez and the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, Peru. Why am I so excited about this article? Well, we are going to Peru for our honeymoon and will be spending two days in Cusco while we acclimate to the altitude before heading out on the Inca Trail. Yippee! I started reading the article on the ride home tonight and they couldn’t have published this at a better time! I can’t wait to get to Cusco so I can see the center and the weavings. I’m not a weaver and I never plan on learning (mostly because there is no room in my life for additional fiber hobbies) but I am I lover of all textiles and textiles arts. I can’t wait to see the weavers in action. I’m not sure how Carl will feel about this but we can visit the center and then find something he’s interested in to do after. I think that will be fair.

If you don’t read Wild Fibers you really should. It’s a bit expensive to subscribe to but it is worth every penny. I read every issue cover to cover and I learn something new about the fiber world with every article. Carl and I have a very bad travel bug and this magazine makes me want to travel to even more places that I had either never thought of or never heard of. I’m always showing him the articles and saying things like “please please please can we go to this tiny wind swept island where all the people have left because it’s the harshest place for humans to ever live and there’s a rare breed of sheep that still lives there in the wild and I want to see them!!!” And he looks at me like I’m a little nuts but then we add it to the mental list of places we just have to see. I’m completely jealous that other people get to travel the world and see these things for a living while I sit in my cubicle experiencing NOTHING. If I was a better writer or a better photographer I might be able to write for a magazine like Wild Fibers but alas I am merely mediocre. But maybe my fairy godmother will come and grant my wish.

My copy of Insubordiknit’s Sit and Spin arrived today and I was super excited to get home and watch it tonight. Carl was supposed to have a client dinner so he wouldn’t be home till after 9. That gave me at least 1 hour alone to watch this and maybe pull out the wheel and try out some of the techniques. Unfortunately, Carl’s client cancelled and now I have to share the TV. Frankly, I’m a little bummed.

It’s funny, when you live with someone long enough you start to cherish the time you have alone in your home. I remember when we first moved in together we didn’t want to be apart. I night spent at a parents or friends was an eternity. Now we’re more than encouraging when the other starts to talk about possible plans that would take us away for a night. It’s not like we don’t love each other or the romance has died. It’s just nice to be alone sometimes and when you’re in a couple there the opportunities seem to be slim.

We had dinner with some friends the other night. Two of them are engaged and have never lived with each other. The other two are just some single guy friends of ours. This is how the conversation between the couples went.

Engaged Male Friend: It not like you can take a week off to hang out go on vacation without your wife…(fiancee is nodding in agreement while Carl and I have shocked looks on our faces)

Me: why the heck not?

Engaged Male Friend: Because it’s wrong

Me: I’d love it if Carl would go on vacation for a week. That would be wonderful!

Carl is agreeing with me while the other couple looks at us like we’re crazy…

Me: Oh yah, you’ve never lived with each other…give it some time and you’ll LOVE him to go on vacation alone.

OK I paraphrased that A LOT but you get the point.

Carl just got home so it’s time to discuss our days…

PS I’m in the middle of hexagon 7!! Wha! Wha!

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