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Let me first say that I had a great weekend. It was nice to see Sarah. It’s been way too long since we’ve hung out. It was great to catch up and even better to have her cook (she’s amazing). I also had a bridal shower on Sunday and that was lovely too. I got to see old acquintances and be girly. What made the weekend long was the fact that this weekend my body decided to hate me.

Friday was great. We had every intention of cleaning but of course we got distracted and watch Shutter Island instead. Which you all must watch if you haven’t already. It’s beautifully filmed but you should expect that from Scorsese. I woke up Saturday morning and every joint in my body ached. When I say ached I mean I could barely walk or sit, nothing was either comfortable or pain-free. This normally happens to my knees when it’s about to rain or if the pressure changes too much. Never has it effected my other joints. I was miserable (and it didn’t even rain!) and I still had to clean the apartment. So I hobbled around cleaning the bathrooms while Carl took care of the rest of the apartment, god bless him. Carl eventually gave me a bunch of motrin and I decided to pass out for a few hours before Sarah arrived in the vain hope that I would be better.

The pain was nearly gone by the time Sarah arrived and everything was great. We went food shopping, we ate dinner and watched a movie. THEN my stomach decided it hated me too and I got sick. I guess I ate something bad on Friday but lord knows what it was.

I was still sick Sunday morning but it stopped in time for me to go to the shower and only be an hour late. By the time I got home again I was exhausted. I gave up and passed out on the couch.

Today I feel much better but not 100%. I really don’t know what the heck happened this weekend but I know I don’t like it. As long as my body is done revolting against me I’ll be happy. Though I’m sure the blessed curse will come just to finish me off.

Anyway, I didn’t manage much knitting this weekend but I have split for the fronts on the bog jacket and now hope to finish the knitting this week. I have a feeling that I messed up the upper body of the jacket though. I may have to rip back. I do know 100% that the sleeves are too long but that’s easy, I’ll just roll them up or make a cuff or something. For now I will soldier on.

P.S. I sound so pious in this post…where did that come from?

P.P.S. Just look down at my hand and I have hives! WTF???


Tomorrow my friend Sarah (the one who just got engaged woo) is stopping by for the night on her way back to Mass. I’m super excited to see her since it’s been forever. But the apartment is a mess. We’re both ready for a move and frankly we really don’t like our apartment anymore BUT we’re stuck here till the fall. This lack of appreciation for our home translates into a very messy place. To be fair, most of this is my fault sicne I’m not the tidiest of people. But we’re not pointing fingers. Instead we’ve decided to make tonight a cocktails and cleaning night. Cocktails because it’s Friday and cleaning because god knows we need to. (I thought it best to write this post before we begin the evening’s festivities otherwise you might not understand what I write!).

On the knitting front I’ve made significant progress on the Bog Jacket. I’d take a picture but the thing makes little sense when you look at it at the moment. But I can tell you that 1/3 of the top/sleeves are done. I’ve worked out the arm shaping (which I will need to do in reverse on the last 1/3), I’ve started my first color change and I’ve worked out where my shoulder shaping will be. If I work really hard this weekend I might be able to finish the main part of the knitting. Once that’s done I have to graft all the grafting bits so it turns into an actual jacket. After that I can trim it in i-cord, sew-in a zip and call this one done. I’m sure this makes no sense to anyone who hasn’t knit this pattern but I promise it’s really simple and hopefully it will be a success.

Now what about this Hussey? Well a co-worker sent me the following picture today and it made me laugh so I thought I’d share it with you. Unfortunately, I don’t know who took this photo so I can’t give anyone credit so I apologize now for being a bad person but hopefully the copyright gods will forgive me.

If you ever need to have a shotgun wedding you know where to go. It’s one stop shop!

Letting the cleaning commence.

Two to go! The knee socks are done!


46:365 Socks Done!

Just in time for a 90 degree day…woo! Ok time to get ready for work. Tonight I start to tackle the Bog Jacket (again).

I had two epiphanies today.

Epiphany 1: I will not cast-on a new project until I finish 3 WIPS

  • First – I will finish my knee socks since I just have the cuff.
  • Second – I will finish the Bog Jacket. This means I have to sit my butt down and work out all the shaping and color changes once and for all. I’m really close to finishing but I’m being lazy
  • Third – I will finish something from the WIP bag. I’m thinking of finishing the Cabled Riding Jacket I start last summer. I gave it up because the pattern is overly complicated and vague in it’s directions PLUS it gave me cubital tunnel syndrome and I couldn’t knit for months. I have 3/4 of a sleeve and collar left. I think I can safely work on those without hurting myself.

Epiphany 2: Sweater design.

At some point today I had a flash of design inspiration. I bought some lovely pink and grey yarn in Argentina with the plan to combine in some sort of sweater. At the time I was thinking a stripey sweater T but today I thought about something a little more interesting. My plan is to knit a little sweater T with a circular yoke and a henley-style collar in a really simple f-argyle (fake argyle) pattern. I think it will be really sweet when it’s done (if I knit it right) and I can probably wear it alone or over a white button down.


I got home and started my swatch. I’m using EPS to figure out how to knit this thing and yes I will use steeks to do the henley-style collar. I LOVE STEEKS! (when do you see that said in a knitting blog?) Of course, I can’t start this until the other WIPs are done but I can work out the details of the pattern so I’m ready to cast this sucker on as soon as those other three things are done! Plus this gives me EXTRA motivation to finish. With that being said, I’m going to sign off and get back to my sock.

My yarn arrived for the Bog Jacket today and now I have to choose n accect color. So the jacket is a moss green and a smoke grey stripe down the arms. I want to offset this stripe with some accent color. Just a ridge or two of garter stitch. So which combo would you choose?









The funny thing is these four colors go great together. I should have knit a jacket out of them…

Thanks for the help!!! As soon as choose a color I’ll be able to finish this sucker.

I spent Sunday working on Carl’s wedding sweater and I’m proud to report that the body is nearly done. Of course I still have to knit 2 sleeves but I have a little over 3 months to do it. I think I’ll make it. If it gets close someone will just have to take Carl for a week or more so I have to finish.

I’m about half way up the leg of the second knee sock so the end is nearly in sight. Also I’ve been working on my Thick and Thin Cardigan that I started when I got back from Argentina back in JANUARY! It’s worked from the top down and I’m done with thick part of the body and I’m about 3 inches in on the bottom ribbing. The ribbing is just awful. The sweater is really heavy and unweildy which makes knitting back and forth a pain in the ass. Flopping it around actually hurts me if I’m not careful. I think I know why I stopped knitting this. I figure that if Iwork on it a little bit everyday I might finish it sometime this decade.

I believe I am getting sick though I’m praying this is all just allergies. Until I wake up with a fever or something else that is strictly cold related I’m going to lean towards the allergy theory. I’m still exhausted and my throat, glands, ear and sinuses hurt. Needless to say I’m not really up for anything exciting so I’m just sitting here listening to The Art of Fair Isle Knitting by Ann Feitelson. So far it’s fascinating. It’s wonderful to curl up on the couch with my knitting and learn about this technique I now love so much.

Of course it would be more appropriate if I was working on another fair isle garment but instead I’m plugging away on my Bog Jacket.


I love these colors together!

It’s nice to relax a little and work on something so simple. But soon this will become a bit more complicated. Till then I’m going to sit back and enjoy the vegging.

The last 48 hours have been a bit of a blur. Saturday night we saw one of our favorite artists, Martin Sexton, and had a blast. Yesterday I had to drag my tired, slightly hung over ass out of bed and drive to Stamford to have my hair and makeup trial for the wedding. The appointment was great. Lots of ladies milling around me telling me I’m sweet and pretty and adorable. I have to say it felt wonderful. Then I was off to my Dad’s for an early dinner and then back to the city. It took my over an hour to find parking. At one point I was actually stuck in the middle of Third Avenue because the street was blocked off for a street fair that finished before I get there and the only other direction I could drive was blocked by a garbage truck cleaning up said street fair. Oh and I had to pee. By the time I parked the car and got home I just wanted the day to end. We order frozen yogurt, vegged and went to be early. This morning I woke up and it felt like I slept 3 hours instead of 8 and I’ve been in a fog ever since.

On the plus side, I went to the dentist today and I don’t have any new cavities which is AMAZING. This is shocking for me. I spend more time at my dentist than I do anywhere else. We’re very close now. I do not have “american” teeth. The government can put all the fluoride they want in my water but it won’t help. My teeth suck. But today they made me proud and I don’t have to see my dentist till a week before the wedding so she can give them another good cleaning. Go me!!!

Enough of these tangents. This is a knitting blog so let’s get back to the knitting. I started the toe of my second sock Saturday and I’m now on the foot. But of course I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get all distracted and start something else while trying to finish a project. On Saturday I also cast on for a Bog Jacket with some yarn I bought at MDSW. Its wonderful 2-ply super fine merino from Cestari. The yarn is wonderful to work with and I think I need to order more of it in future. I’m making the jacket in their moss color and will have accents of smoke. I will take pictures as soon as I find the charger for my camera (or buy batteries for my SLR). Thanks to the mindlessness of garter stitch I’m nearly through my waist shaping. I think it’s going to be a really cute jacket for the fall when all is said and done.

I have to keep reminding myself to work on the sock though. I’ve never suffered from second sock syndrome and I don’t plan on starting now!

I’m too tired to write anymore and frankly I’m too lazy to proof this post. If this made absolutely no sense I apologize. And I must be tired because it took my 12 tries to spell absolutely. I’m going to curl up on the couch and maybe sleep. God I hope I’m just tired from the weekend not because I’m getting sick. That would suck. I hope you all had nice weekends!

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