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Tomorrow my friend Sarah (the one who just got engaged woo) is stopping by for the night on her way back to Mass. I’m super excited to see her since it’s been forever. But the apartment is a mess. We’re both ready for a move and frankly we really don’t like our apartment anymore BUT we’re stuck here till the fall. This lack of appreciation for our home translates into a very messy place. To be fair, most of this is my fault sicne I’m not the tidiest of people. But we’re not pointing fingers. Instead we’ve decided to make tonight a cocktails and cleaning night. Cocktails because it’s Friday and cleaning because god knows we need to. (I thought it best to write this post before we begin the evening’s festivities otherwise you might not understand what I write!).

On the knitting front I’ve made significant progress on the Bog Jacket. I’d take a picture but the thing makes little sense when you look at it at the moment. But I can tell you that 1/3 of the top/sleeves are done. I’ve worked out the arm shaping (which I will need to do in reverse on the last 1/3), I’ve started my first color change and I’ve worked out where my shoulder shaping will be. If I work really hard this weekend I might be able to finish the main part of the knitting. Once that’s done I have to graft all the grafting bits so it turns into an actual jacket. After that I can trim it in i-cord, sew-in a zip and call this one done. I’m sure this makes no sense to anyone who hasn’t knit this pattern but I promise it’s really simple and hopefully it will be a success.

Now what about this Hussey? Well a co-worker sent me the following picture today and it made me laugh so I thought I’d share it with you. Unfortunately, I don’t know who took this photo so I can’t give anyone credit so I apologize now for being a bad person but hopefully the copyright gods will forgive me.

If you ever need to have a shotgun wedding you know where to go. It’s one stop shop!

Letting the cleaning commence.


Two to go! The knee socks are done!


46:365 Socks Done!

Just in time for a 90 degree day…woo! Ok time to get ready for work. Tonight I start to tackle the Bog Jacket (again).

I’ve had a nice relaxing weekend. The outing on Friday was actually pretty nice and I didn’t touch my knitting once. The club was beautiful and we were only there for 3 hours. We spent most of our time on a boat ride around the lake and at lunch so I was prety well entertained. Despite my lack of knitting during the outing I managed to finish the leg of the second sock and I’m now working on the cuff. This pair will be done before you know it.

Yesterday we took Dad out for a round of golf. We had a great time but I really sucked. I’m thinking too much. All these lessons have me thinking about too many things. My swing was off, my aim was terrible and by the 16th hole I was too tired from the sun that I could barely swing the club with enough speed to be move the ball any worthwhile distance. But this was the 3rd round I ever played so I can’t expect to be Tiger Woods now can I. On the plus side, my putting is improving!

Carl and I spent the night at my Dad’s. We had lots of wine, a lovely dinner and played with the doggie. It was great. We got back to the city mid morning and Carl left for work. Since then I’ve been plugging away on his sweater. The front is finished and on holders. I need to do the shoulder shaping on the back but I don’t really want to do it right now so I started the cuff of the first sleeve. It looks like I will actually finish this beofre the wedding!!

I spent most of yesterday trying to make up the work I didn’t get to do on Sunday. It was a very long day and frankly all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch with my knitting and veg. I guess you have to be an adult sometimes and take care of your responsibilities though. I still haven’t caught up but I’ve made some good headway which is very important. I really want to do well since this is the first BIG project I’ve had in a while and I think it’s the kind of thing that people may notice and could serve me well. I will just have to keep plugging away and hope everything gets sorted in the end.

Tonight was our last golf lesson (which means I got to work a little less today which was nice) and we finally had good weather. We’ve met some pretty cool people through these lessons and it felt a bit like summer camp at the end. Everyone was exchanging their contact information so we can meet up and play a few rounds together or just hit some balls at the range. We even talked about making Tuesday nights are beer and driving range night. We’ll see if we all follow through.

I managed to turn the heel on my knee high socks when I finally got some down time last night. So I’m on to the leg which will be pretty mindless but just what I need at the moment. I hope to finish at least one sock by the end of our upcoming camping weekend. Let’s see if I can do it.

I still need to pick up around the neck on my Corrie Vest but I haven’t had the time to really focus on it. I’m hoping things will slow down as the week goes on so I can finish all the knitting before we head out. But I guess if I don’t I can always finish it in the car on Friday. It’s not like I’ll have anything else to do right? I can’t wait till I can call this project done. It’s probably my most involved project to date and it will feel so good to finally be able to wear it. Of course I will have to promptly put it away with the rest of my winter clothes but it will still feel good even as a sweat through the picture taking process.

I’m so tired and it’s not even 10pm. I guess I should sign off and find some comfy clothes to relax in before I pass out for the night. It’s been a long week and it’s only Tuesday. Wish me luck with the rest of the week. Pictures of my sock soon!

What happened this week? Things were calming down and then WHAM super busy. I rushed home last night so I could make it to our golf lesson and I made it home in time to change and grab my clubs with a minute to spare before we had to get in the car and head to the driving range. By the time we got back and had dinner it was nearly 10pm. Which left me very little time to knit before bed. BUT between last night and this morning I managed to hit a milestone on my Corrie Vest.


The neck steek is in! And after a couple more decreases I get to put in the armhole steeks!! I really am nearing the finishing line and I’m really excited. Coming soon, scary pictures of me cutting this GORGEOUS vest! Eeek…now back to work. I’m a very busy knitter.

Stuck at the office late and I really miss my Corrie Vest. Why is knitting frowned upon at work? Hopefully I’ll get to see my poor Corrie soon :(.

And I’d really like to enjoy it! Unfortunately work is keeping me from all the nice weather. I’m having the kinds of days that no matter how late I work I’m exhausted. I spend my day running around like a lunatic and by quitting time I can barely remember what I did all day. Some days I feel like I have made no progress at all on my projects. Other days I look up and see that the clock says 3pm and I don’t know it happened or how I can possible finish everything and get home at a decent time. Luckily, all my work seems to be wrapping itself up around 6/6:30 (really it’s magic, I don’t know how this happens) and I can get home at a normal hour. Today I cheated a little and went in at quarter to eight and worked till about 5:40pm. I wish I could start early every day.

On the way home from work tonight I decided to stop into Talbots to get my mom a birthday present and to buy myself something nice for all my hard work. Of course something turned into somethings…hey at least it’s not yarn! I found a really sweet dress for mom’s birthday dinner tomorrow night (she’s turning 60!), a really nice cardigan, a tank and a cabled sweater thing that was on sale. I know that last one was really descriptive wasn’t it. Carl’s at softball practice tonight so I was able to sneak in my purchases and “hide” them in the closet. I really can’t hide things from him. The boy must have a catalogue of everything I own because whenever I put on something new that I swear he’s never ever seen before he calls me out. Not in a bad way he just always knows! He does read the blog so telling you guys is pretty much like tell him so…honey, I bought some new clothes and I think you’ll like them more than my pink rufflie tuxedo shirt. He really hated that shirt. 

I haven’t manged much knitting this week. I’ve come home too tired to even work simple stockinette! It’s truly sad when you can’t even manage that. BUT I’m going to get into something comfy, turn out the tv and get back to work on the last sleeve tonight. Thank god we all have two arms. I doubt I’d ever finish sweaters if we had more!

I’m sorry for the crappiness of my posts this week. I seem to have issues expressing myself at the moment. I also seem to have issues typing. Today I was sending a message to a knitting friend at work and instead of saying “ok I’m shutting up now” I typed “ok I’m shitting up now” she was very interested in how I could possible “shit up” and that’s the moment I knew I had lost it. Thank god tomorrow is friday. I’m going to shit up now and knit 🙂

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